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About opening ‘It pisses me off’


Hello to everyone. The first thing I want to mention is that english is not my mother language, nor I have advanced english courses taken, so please understand some slips (and falls) I will surely have while posting. Why did I choose to do this in english? Sincerely, I pretend to write about matters that I hope will help people, and there are mucho more people speaking english around the web than there are in Spanish, my mother language. If I see that this grows enough, I will probably start posting in both languages.

I want to write about things, or behaviors, that really piss me off, but not to show you that I am angry, but instead to try to characterize those behaviors, add some theory and try to get some conclusions.

It is my first experience with blogging, although I participated in a lot of forums very actively. It is not the same level of responsability, but I will try to keep up with it.

I want to thank Daniela, a nice lady from the HR department, who, without knowing, suggested the name of the blog while we were talking yesterday.


Diego :D

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