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Best (or just better) place


My brother’s wedding gave me the opportunity to spend a week in a city of the west coast of USA, and to drive there a lot. I can not assure that everyone drives nicely, but the overall sensation was that of a very organized traffic system and a deep respect for the rules and laws. The street lanes didn’t dissapear; the drivers use the turn lights before taking turns and the people don’t stop in the middle of the street just because or signs the soon to be action. The summum is the respect shown for the pedestrians at the ped’s crossing sites and for other drivers at the STOP signs. I have never thought of myself living in the USA, but the respect shown for the others and for the rules made me think about it.

The former observations triggered me to think about the things that made me feel “good”, and they were very similar to those I look in a job: known rules and order; respect for people, things and rights; a sense of justice, where prizes and punishment are applied when is pertinent; and freedom to leave or to stay there.

I also thought about the things I also look for in a job, but I did not observe in an explicit way during my trip, although it doesn’t mean they are not there in some way or different essence: having someone who I respect and trust blindly to get advise from; seeing that the people who make the rules act according them; and having the beautiful feeling that I am doing something that makes sense, that will have some perennial effect in the way we live.

I don’t want to diminish the importance of the economical matters as the salary and the benefits; in fact, they are a very important decision point for me to take a job. But the things I mentioned really make the difference between a workplace and a job: doing it just because the pay, or doing it proud of being part of it.

See you. Regards,

    Diego :D